If I’d been half the soldier they said I was, I’d have no one left to fight (for).

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and i’ll kill you.

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delladilly asked:
IF YOU WERE hypothetically to rec additional up to date sif/loki fics including this mysterious kings verse and also your own fic, WHERE WOULD YOU HYPOTHETICALLY POINT SOMEONE WHO WAS INTERESTED IN THAT who is not me 

I will admit I’m not super up to date with all the sif/loki stuff out there because rawles BUT I can say all of them on rawles’ list are qualdity and here are some awesome authors for someone who is not you:

KINGSVERSE, by nayanroo aka teslatricity is the name given to the series that starts with Fundamental Forces aka ARRANGED MARRIAGE AU aka lana why haven’t you updated recently WHY WHY WHY. also just read all her stuff. 

read rawles’ stuff. yes, even winter’s heart although you will cry.

also other anna’s stuff. I would like to rec in particular her big bang “yggdrasill dreaming.” 

hariboo has written a lot of amazing thor/jane stuff but this sif/loki is one of my favorites.

coffeesuperhero has good stuff!!!! as does murdur aka psychoticgirl (hi ann!) 

I forget if this was on rawles’ list but Mira_Jade’s series “And I would see you forged in steel" is good. and long.

newredshoes and magisterequitum  and are both on tumblr (though I forget who exactly dammit. sorry guys *EDIT magister is kirkwoodisinoregon and newredshoes is magpieandwhale both are awesome and I’m still super sorry*) and very very good so read them too.

AND THAT should keep you busy for a minute, so enjoy some fine writing.

oh, and my stuff is here

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Loki x Sif by ~Kota-Stoker

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these ladies are about to fuck shit up

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We shouldn’t be here.

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